8 Effective Ideas for Your Next Restaurant Remodel

restaurant remodel

Without the right plan, remodeling your restaurant is a project that often seems daunting. Add in that you might be budget conscious and it’s easy to feel anxiety about getting started. The good news is that your project has the chance to turn into a rewarding experience when you mix the best ideas with quality work. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can spruce up your project.

Think About First Impressions

There’s only one chance to make a great first impression. Start outside with the parking lot, entrance to your building and where your visitors end up waiting for their table. Quality outside lighting and landscaping go a long way here. Planters and other vegetation are helpful directly outside your entrance. Keep hostess stands uncluttered and think through how you can add an interesting accent piece.

Go Green

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need an exorbitant budget. If your air conditioning needs upgrading, look into selecting models with improved SEER ratings. This can save you money long-term.

Take reasonable steps toward making your restaurant more efficient. Other ideas might include a better recycling plan, waste reduction, LED bulbs (instead of incandescent bulbs), or using energy curtains for your freezer room.

Make a List & Prioritize

It’s possible that you can’t do everything you want to do immediately. That’s perfectly fine. Make your list and start with the items you can do now.

For example, re-upholster those old chairs and touch up other furniture with minor scratches. Your guests will notice the different look and love it. What they won’t know is that you want to do more. They’ll notice those changes later when you can add them in.
If you can’t buy new furniture now, make a plan to do it right a bit later as opposed to buying cheap furniture you’ll need to replace soon anyway.

It’s all right to be realistic and phase in all renovation changes as your budget allows.

Add or Change Your Outside Dining Area

If you happen to reside in a moderate environment, this comes with advantages. Among them is the chance to dine outdoors conveniently throughout most months of the year.

Developing a comfy dining environment is crucial. Sprucing up areas with landscaping and planters and including torches or fire pits for “atmosphere” are definitely excellent “bang for the dollar” style aspects. Excellent lighting and ceiling fans are likewise excellent financial investments.

Update or Replace Bathrooms

This can be quite simple, yet effective. Add in modern faucets, decorative lights and stylish mirrors. In the ladies room, be sure to add in those full-length mirrors.

Add Artwork & Related Accessories

Concentrate on surfaces that are at eye level. Eliminate outdated art work and upgrade it. Use wall sculptures and vibrant art work. Fresh fruit, veggies, wine, and so on are excellent ways to promote food items while upgrading the décor.

Use Plenty of Color

It’s fine to go bold. Make a statement by considering dramatic color schemes. You have the opportunity to transform your restaurant when accenting walls or changing the entire color scheme of your building.

Get Creative with Lighting

Llighting is one style aspect that can have a terrific effect on a dining establishment. Present distinct and decorative lighting for a “wow” element.

The majority of dining establishments can handle large lighting fixtures. Think about buying a couple of large, interesting chandeliers that will end up as centerpieces and discussion pieces.

At the back bar, excellent lighting and brightened liquor steps are effective. Don’t have a dimming system? Invest time examining your lighting levels at different times of the day and mark your dimmers appropriately.

Don’t be a dining establishment that ruins the ambiance with excessive light. Your guests will show you their thanks by visiting frequently.

The above tips will go a long way in helping your restaurant remodel have the desired effect of improving the dining experience for your patrons and encouraging them to come back often.

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