5 First Steps of Smoke and Soot Restoration Services

House Fire
If your home experiences damage from a house fire, time is essential. How quickly you treat the damage plays a significant role in when you’ll be able to resume your everyday life. If left untreated, both smoke and soot can cause further damage to your property, including eroding electrical equipment.

To start the recovery process, you want to call the experts. Here are five steps you’ll likely experience during the fire damage restoration process with Beantown Builders.

1. Emergency Services

Many fire damage restoration companies provide immediate relief for your property. After emergency crews extinguish your house fire, your property is still at risk for further damage caused by the elements. For example, if the fire burned a hole in your roof, your home is now at risk of water damage from rain.

Beantown Builders provides emergency services that will reduce further damage to your home and help you return to a sense of normalcy.

2. Property Assessment

After arriving at your property, a fire damage restoration company will survey the damage. While evaluating your property, the company will examine the impact of the fire, smoke and soot on your walls and furniture. If additional damage was caused by the smoke and soot leftover after the fire was extinguished, the fire damage restoration company will take note of that, too.

This assessment is a crucial step that helps determines which fire restoration services are necessary, how much they’ll cost and how long repairs will take.

3. Damage Prevention

As renovations begin, a primary concern is preventing any existing damage to your home from getting worse. A fire messes with the integrity of the materials in your home and can lead to further damage if not properly evaluated.

Fire damage restoration and water damage restoration work together more often than you may think. A house fire is unpredictable and may cause pipes to burst or damage your water tank. Untreated water damage can lead to mold and mildew and could cause issues in the future. Beantown Builders addresses water-related issues when we’re restoring your home to avoid further damage.

4. Fire Damage Cleaning

After taking care of all of the potential issues, a fire damage restoration company will begin cleaning your home. This process includes the elimination of smoke odors in every room affected by smoke damage. The company might also remove or replace items that have fire or soot damage and will repair damage caused by the water used to put out the fire. As the construction workers are digging into the repairs, they will fix any additional damage not originally identified during the property assessment.

5. Rebuilding

During the rebuilding phase, the fire damage cleaning company will either restore or replace your damaged furniture with something new. The goal is to make your property look like it did before the fire, with your furniture and other items still in place. Experiencing a fire can cause many emotions, including shock, anger, depression or hopelessness. While rebuilding your home cannot repair all of the emotional distress a fire causes, it helps to see the damage repaired and guides you toward your future.

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