Gutting A Home: 4 Top Questions Answered

Gut Rehab

As a new homeowner or recent investment property buyer, you’re probably wondering how you can take your new space and make it feel like home. Before you pick up your hammer and launch into gut rehabbing your property, you may have some questions you want to clear up first. If you’re thinking about gutting your house, there are top things to know first.

Here are four of the top questions about gutting and remodeling a home and the answers you need from Beantown Builders.

1. What Does Gutting a House Mean?

Many people often incorrectly use the term “gutting” when they plan on remodeling their homes. The true definition of “gutting” means stripping your home down to the wall studs. When people remodel, they may change one aspect, but the structure of the house often remains unchanged. Gut rehabilitation projects allow you to make more extensive changes to the home and offer the opportunity to update the electrical and plumbing components of your home.

2. How Do I Prepare for Gutting a House?

Before you can gut your home, there are several things you will need to do beforehand. These tasks include:

  • Getting a permit.
  • Checking your insurance.
  • Verifying that your home is safe.
  • Making a home remodeling checklist.
  • Ordering a dumpster.
  • Marking if something is supposed to stay in the room.
  • Protecting what will stay in the room with plastic or tarps.

As your renovation gets underway, it’ll be harder to determine and protect what should remain in your home. Developing a plan ahead of time ensures your renovation goes smoothly and without any issues.

If any of the above steps sound overwhelming, consider a house gutting service.

3. What Safety Precautions Should I Use When Gutting My Home?

If you gut or renovate your home by yourself, it’s essential to understand the risks you’ll face throughout the project. You can follow simple safety precautions to keep yourself safe:

  • Use masks, eyewear, gloves, ear plugs, safety boots and other personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Leave asbestos to the professionals. Look it up prior to beginning construction so you know what it looks like.
  • Turn off utilities if needed.
  • Invest in a first aid kit.
  • Follow all safety guidelines when using construction tools, including drills, saws, hammers, utility knives and more.

If your renovation feels too big to handle on your own, you can always call a professional to assist you.

4. How Do I Gut My House?

You cannot do a whole-house gut rehabilitation project in a single day. There are several steps you’ll need to complete as you begin your renovation, which may take days or weeks:

  1. Take photos that can be included in a before and after collage. Consider also taking photos throughout the project so you have a record of your progress.
  2. Gather necessary materials.
  3. Discuss safety procedures.
  4. Assign sections of the home for gutting and cleaning. Rent a dumpster so you have a place to throw trash and building materials from the start.
  5. Clear out any furniture that may be an obstacle.
  6. Protect and mark materials that will remain during the renovation.
  7. Turn off utilities.
  8. Remove countertops, molding, tile, drywall, insulation, ceilings and flooring in that order.
  9. Place any remaining debris into the garbage.

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