Modern Remodeling Techniques to Brighten your Home


Old trends die quickly. What we once considered flattering and chic are now dull and boring. The trend of today is even more dramatic than those in the past. We want to get closer to nature with greener building supplies and bring in more sunshine through large, energy-efficient windows. If your home is looking dark and tired, here are a few remodeling techniques to freshen your space.

The Importance of Kitchens When Remodeling

Kitchens have always been the gathering point for family and friends. Good conversation, snacks and looking out the window are favorite pass times that are shared here. Being outdoors more during decent weather has changed the positioning of French doors and patio doors. Once located off of the family room, it only makes sense to have this opening off of the kitchen. You are free to transfer a kitchen group outdoors, bring out food and have more natural light in this favorite room.

The kitchen itself is very important. Dark scrolled cabinets once seemed to lend a majestic appearance. However, bright and earthy colors have replaced this way of thinking. It’s all about creating an atmosphere of joy and activity. Cabinets can be refaced or replaced to brighten up this room. White, light grey, or tan will catch the outdoor light and bring a ray of sunshine with it.

How Floor Covering Changes a Room: Consider Floors When Remodeling

Nothing says nature like wood or stone. Oak, pine or birch are light to medium in color and open up any room with their presence. Clay-base ceramic tiles are perfect for moisture-prone areas like kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. While protecting your floor, they also add a natural look and feel of the outdoors. The trend in color is once again, earthy. Different finishes can be used, but the best is a low-profile glaze as opposed to a shiny finish. Heated coils under the material are becoming popular in keeping the surface warm on bare feet. Both wood and stone will make a dramatic change in a room and add depth and warmth.

Remodel for a Larger Bathroom

When bathrooms first started, they were an add-on in the smallest space possible. Today, bathrooms are a place where you are able to spend personal time and release the stress of the day. Walk-in and open showers are replacing tubs for this type of environment. However, they do take up a lot of space. This is where a designer with experienced design techniques can serve you well. Rearranging fixtures, moving walls or adding on to a structure are all ideas that can be used in bringing that time of relaxation and reflection. Most homeowners find this move well worth the effort and money in the end.

The Evolution of Windows

Windows have evolved into a picture of nature’s beauty. 25 years ago we were placing tiny windows in homes to try and conserve energy. However, with new technology, windows are no longer a hole in the wall that invites the heat or cold of the outdoors. What a wonderful feeling to look through a properly sized window and feel no drafts. The beauty of birds in flight, sun-drenched flowers and the clouds in the sky make well-proportioned windows a feast for the eyes. Coating is available for keeping your privacy as are designer shades and blinds that add an aesthetic effect to your room.

No matter the season, take the opportunity to make your home as bright and fresh as the outdoors. The brighter the colors, the better you feel. Take your cue from Mother Nature and make some changes today to invigorate your home.

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