Remodeling Multi-Family Units: 2018 Trends to Drive Profit

mult-unit balconies

If you need to update your multi-family unit due to damage, dirt or just wanting to increase your marketability, there are several options available. While you’ve got things torn up, consider adding a few of these perks to get renters excited about moving in, staying long-term, and taking great care of the place.

Make Pre-Installed Technology Available to Renters

Pre-installed WiFi, USB ports and other smart tools are of critical importance to many young renters. Consider adding these features at the right height for a desk or table so your renters can set up their workspaces and charging stations easily.

In addition to easy high-speed internet access, consider replacing old thermostats with new products that can be checked or adjusted via phone. Security cameras may also be welcome, particularly if you set up a package drop-off point for your tenants.

Offer Ample Storage for Renters

From walk-in closets to pantries, today’s renters like their custom storage features. Depending on the size of the place, you may not be able to greatly expand the closets, but consider adding base-mounted roll-outs or baskets for storage inside linen or kitchen cabinets.

A narrow pantry cupboard is easy to install even in small kitchens. This clever cupboard goes from the kickplate to the soffit and offers access from either side. A word about these; they wind up carrying a lot of weight once they’re full of canned goods and extra peanut butter, so invest in heavy-duty hardware.

Create Community Gathering Spaces for Renters to Make Connections

Today’s young renter is probably extremely connected via tech, but they’ll need gathering spaces for human connection as well. From fitness centers to small dog parks, your renters will appreciate (and may pay more for) such amenities.

Offer Pet-Friendly Apartments and Townhouses

Pets are a crucial part of many lives, so make sure you have some units that are pet-friendly. If poor scooping habits are a worry, consider adding bag stations in the common areas so pet owners don’t have an excuse.

Of course, you’ll likely also need a dog-free area for renters who don’t want a canine neighbor. You may want to split this up by floors or by wings, but do be aware that some renters will avoid buildings that accept pets due to noise and odor concerns.

Reduce Noise in Apartments and Townhomes

Nobody likes to live somewhere that feels like a frat house that forgot to grow up. There are plenty of additions you can make in your renovation process to reduce noise pollution for your renters.

If the walls are open, consider insulation to cut down on vibration noises. Soundproofing drywall and paint can also help reduce the noise your renters have to put up with from their neighbors.

For landlords who offer a model unit, consider adding a white noise machine or essential oil humidifier to the model unit to cut down on noise from outside or neighbors. In addition, consider leaving a cut-out section of wall behind a piece of plexiglass to show the steps you’ve taken to keep their new apartment quiet and comfortable. This may seem a bit corny, but tenants looking for long-term comfort will appreciate it.

Offer Handicap Accessibility in Your Appartments and Townhomes

If the unit is down to the studs, consider adding wide doorways and investing in a roll-out shower for one unit. This may seem like an extravagance, but older folks are leaving their homes in the hopes of something more manageable, so you may have potential renters who can make a happy home in your handicap-accessible unit. There may be grants or low-interest funding available for such a construction project.


A happy apartment community can save you a lot of time and money. Not only will your renters take better care of the place if they love it, but they’ll likely invite their like-minded friends, giving you even more responsible tenants!

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