A Gut Rehab Comes With Big Risks and Big Potential Rewards

When done right, a gut rehab can put a tidy profit in your pocket. It has more potential upside than a more superficial fixer job. But it also has more potential downside, so it’s important to make sure you do things right.

A gut rehab involves extensive work. Some of that will be structural, such as removing internal walls to create more space. However, some structural jobs are far more expensive than others, such as foundation issues.
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Modern Remodeling Techniques to Brighten your Home

Old trends die quickly. What we once considered flattering and chic are now dull and boring. The trend of today is even more dramatic than those in the past. We want to get closer to nature with greener building supplies and bring in more sunshine through large, energy-efficient windows. If your home is looking dark and tired, here are a few remodeling techniques to freshen your space.
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