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Interior Design

Beantown Builders interior design service will assist you in making the most of your home or business while giving it the look and style you desire. We bring both creative and technical skills to residential and commercial buildings such as cafes and restaurants, retail locations, storefronts and offices. Our first goal is always to listen, so that we fully understand your design vision. Then, we work with our experienced contractors and architects, if necessary, to develop a plan for bringing that vision to life. On the creative side, we assist our clients in developing a unique, compelling aesthetic, one that reflects the image they desire for their home or business. On the technical side, we optimize the functionality of the space for how it will be used. Give us a call today for a free consultation. We’ll visit your home or commercial location, listen to your interior design goals and provide you with cost-effective solutions that look fantastic and enhance your lifestyle or commercial endeavors.

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Architectural Design

If your home or commercial building requires significant structural changes or you want to give it an entirely new look, our architectural design services are here to develop the plans to bring your vision to life in a structurally sound and cost-effective manner. We also design home and building additions, often in conjunction with our interior designers, with the right combination of aesthetics and functionality. Our experience includes homes and all types of commercial buildings including retail and storefront space, cafes and restaurants and offices. The Beantown Builders architectural staff is fully versed in local building codes and best building practices, so our designs meet or exceed code requirements in addition to adding value to our client’s property and enhancing its appeal. Once you approve the plans, they are brought to life by our team of skilled, licensed contractors. Call us today for a free consultation. We look forward to learning about your residential or commercial project and providing solutions that are a custom fit.