What to Do After a Flood: Flood Damage Cleanup

Flooded houseWhether a natural disaster or a faulty pipe floods your home, acting within the first 24 hours after the water has appeared is crucial to prevent further damage. Water can cause many problems to your home, including mold.

Read more about the important steps you can take to keep yourself and your home safe after a flood.

1. Take Safety Measures When You Return

If you left your home before or during the flood, make sure you take safety measures when you return. Before re-entering your home, check for any visible damage. Contact your utility company if you see damage to water or gas lines. You should also turn off all water and electrical sources in your home so that when the power returns, you’re not at risk for electrocution in standing water.

2. Avoid Contaminated Water

Even if the water in your home looks clean, it could contain sewage or chemicals. Wear waterproof boots and gloves whenever coming into contact with water-damaged possessions and discard any food that has touched the floodwater.

3. Notify Your Insurer

You should notify your insurance company as soon as possible after a flood occurs. Document the damage to your home and your conversations with your insurer. Properly recording these details, the amount of damage to your home and your conversations with the insurance company can all influence how soon your home and life return to normal.

4. Research if You’re in a Disaster Area

If the government declares an area a “disaster area,” those who own property within that zone will have more resources to assist them after a natural disaster. You may also have access to financial assistance to aid in repairs and other needs. To find out if your property is in a disaster area, you can contact your insurance agent or visit the FEMA website.

5. Remove Water and Tackle Mold Damage

After your insurance company has assessed the damage to your property, you can begin to remove water from your home. Time is an essential factor as mold will begin to develop within 24 to 48 hours. While anything wet for less than 48 hours may be redeemable, the fix may cost more than the item is worth.

If your home experiences damage to the point of being hazardous, do not stay inside your home longer than you have to. If it isn’t hazardous to stay in your home, avoid using electricity until it’s safe to do so. If possible, use tarps and boards to secure your home and prevent further damage.

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