Planning Your Kitchen Remodel to Save Time and Money

Is your home one of those where everyone gathers in the kitchen? Do you enjoy having large dinner parties with lots of guests? As time goes by, has your family grown? The home chef or baker may dream of enough room to complete complicated projects. You’ve likely considered that more space would be great in this busy area. Perhaps it is time to begin a kitchen remodel or at least get your ideas finalized on paper.

Consultation and Plan

Start your modernization plan with estimates from reliable contractors or architects. Most professionals will gladly work up a master plan of your wishes and needed features for the updated kitchen. Installation in stages is sometimes an option, Keep these possibilities in mind when getting estimates and talking to contractors. Remember, you’re running the show, so make sure you have a pleasant relationship with your Lead Person. Make your expectations known before the work begins.

Return on Investment

A complete kitchen remodel raises the value of your home. Of all potential home remodeling, kitchen upgrades usually increase the homes’ value the most. HGTV says “Ask any real estate expert what the No. 1 upgrade with the greatest return is, and the answer will be the kitchen”.

Plan ahead and schedule to get things finished quickly. Your Lead Contractor can be your best friend when scheduling crews. Keep in mind that most contractors are juggling other jobs as well. Plan a schedule that is reasonable for all. Try to do tasks in a rational manner, such as paint first, then bring in the appliances before installation of new tile or linoleum. Accidents do sometimes happen, and you don’t want that accident to scar expensive, new flooring.

Keep the Use of the Kitchen

Eating out and ordering in can become quite expensive, especially on a regular basis. Scheduling work for little down time in the kitchen may be a priority for your family. Try to get workers organized and ready to begin work each day as early as possible. Request that they reach a stopping point so you have time to prepare dinner. Obviously, this cannot happen every day of a major redo, but a few times can be a welcome addition to the budget of your kitchen upgrade.

Other important points to remember in your kitchen upgrade include:

Don’t deviate from the finished plan. Last minute changes are expensive in many ways, such as more hours for the crew, disrupting schedules and the cost of materials. Avoid these changes by taking your time before the consultation to make a list of what you want. Make the list before getting the plans drawn up. Set a realistic budget and stick to it.

Consider which luxuries are a necessity and which are optional, such as wine coolers, a warming drawer, professional oven and other of those “must have” items and appliances.Perhaps your top priority is more storage. Clearly explain your vision and desires during the initial consultation.

While kitchen redos add resale value, make sure you’re adding features and products that raise the selling price of the home. Don’t hesitate to ask your local real estate agent for the worth of local kitchen updates in your neighborhood. Staying in this price range is of particular importance if you want to sell the home soon. Six to ten percent is the recommended range of what you should spend on a makeover for a home valued at $65,000.

Take your time when planning a kitchen remodel. Avoid impulse buying and don’t overspend. Find a professional, experienced Lead Contractor to schedule the work and direct the employees. Before you know it, you’ll be working and entertaining in a new, up to date kitchen area.
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